Secrets to Have an Awesome Mother’s Day as a Single Mom

Mother's Day as a Single Mom is interesting. Look, it can sometimes be tough as a single mom on Mother's Day. There is no husband to help the kids makes breakfast, buy you gifts, etc. But, you absolutely can have fun on Mother's Day as a single mom! Read on for some fun ideas!

Get Some Presents for Mother's Day as a Single Mom

Just a heads up, this won't work with every kid but hear me out. First, go to a discount type of store with your kids. If they are responsible enough, give them a small amount of cash and set them loose on the store. Of course, they are going to buy you something. You don't leave, just wait in the front of the store. Use your discretion with this one; some kids are better than others at being unsupervised in the aisle and some don't know how to use cash. But if they have an older sibling, by all means, let them get you a gift. Children love surprising their mom with a special gift from a store.

Your other option is the buy yourself something. Here's a rule of thumb: if you have been thinking of getting it for yourself for awhile, then that means you need to get it for yourself for Mother's Day. Or, if you feel guilty just thinking about buying that thing for yourself, then you really could get it for Mother's Day!

Another idea is to let the kids pick some flowers from your garden and make their own bouquet for you. Kids also get a kick out of this activity so say goodbye to a perfect garden and let them pick for you!

On Mother's Day as a single mom, you child can pick you flowers from the garden!
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Make Something with the Kids for Mother's Day as a Single Mom

Again, the exact way you do this depends on the maturity of your child. First, you can get them a craft kit and then walk away and let them make to their heart's content! Remember, this is only for a mature child who won't paint on the walls! Or an older child who is capable of lightly supervising younger children. It's a great way for kids to help you feel loved on Mother's Day as a single mom!

Or, if your kid is not ready for their own craft party, you can make something with the kid! Get a craft kit and then have fun making a mess and creating art with your kiddos!

Bake Something with the Kids for Mother's Day as a Single Mom

This can be breakfast in the morning or a snack sometime during the day! You can make your favorite treat together! This is building lasting memories with your children and ensuring you get some sweets on Mother's Day as a single mom!

Go Out with the Kids on Mother's Day

On Mother's Day as a Single Mom, you can go to the petting zoo with your kids and pet bunnies!
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For Mother's Day, lots of restaurants have brunches, lunches and special items just for moms. So, why not bring your kids and make an event of it?

Also, some other ideas for places to go on Mother's Day with the kids include the zoo, the mall, the movie theater, a kids play place that also has a few things for adults (i.e. bumper cars, laser tag, etc.), mini golf, petting zoo, the park, etc. Remember, it's your day most of all! So, find a place that you can all enjoy! Also, be sure to check that these places are open on a Sunday and specifically the holiday of Mother's Day.

Make it a Big Family Gathering Day

Of course, you can contact family that live nearby, like your mom, sister, cousins, etc. and plan out a big lunch with everyone! But, some people don't have family nearby. This is when it is crucial to have a support system. See, many of us have close friends that we consider like family. They have spent time with you and your kids, they like your kids, and they have your back. This can even be good guy friends! I have a few friends that are decades older than me, including men, and they hang out with us sometimes. Bring your kids and have a fun day of it! You can even do a barbecue! After all, why should dads get all the fun of a barbecue for Father's Day?

On Mother's Day as a single mom, you can make it a big celebration, with grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.
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Girls Night Out on Mother's Day as a Single Mom

Listen, after the kids are tucked in bed, what better way to celebrate than going out with your girlfriends? Yes, you will have to get a sitter or family member to hang out in the house while the kids are asleep but as long as you got that, feel free to let loose! Go to a nightclub or restaurant that you have never been to! Go to a drag queen show! Really, whatever activity you have been wanting to do, go for it! Again, check that these places will be open on the day.

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Girls Night In Mother's Day as a Single Mom

Gather your single mom friends or other girl friends and host a dinner or late night dessert party! If you need to wait until the kids are in bed, your best bet is the late night party. You can even make it like when you were a kid and do truth or dare late at night! Please, keep all activities legal 😉 Watch movies from when you were teenagers, paint your nails, etc. It's a really different way to celebrate Mother's Day as a single mom!

Mother's Day Me-Time, Reward Time for Kids

Today, it is the time when it is perfectly acceptable to bribe your kids with some sort of reward to get a little me-time. Wondering what to bribe them with? Well, what does your kid like best? Tablet time, movie time, using your phone to take videos of themselves (that's one of my daughter's favorite activities), candy, ice cream, make a fort for them, etc. Then, mom gets time to herself to do whatever at home. This can be a bubble bath, reading a book, doing your nails, watching your favorite movie, whatever you want!

On Mother's Day as a Single Mom, you deserve some relaxing time in a bath!
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Single Mom and Kids Spa Day

Now, this one can be lots of fun! If you have willing kids, why not do a spa day for each other? This can be “facials” or face masks, back rubs, foot rubs, manicures and pedicures! When we need more close time, my daughter and I love taking a big bath together and mixing various soaps, shampoos, and lotions, to make what we call a “treatment” and then slathering it all over each other! We use mini baking tools (that are only used as bath toys: like a spatula, brush, etc.) for even more fun and sometimes it turns into tickling!

Picture and Story Time

First, gather your children around you. Then, it is time to reminisce about when they were a baby or toddler. However, this is not just any reminiscing. You will be remembering the wackiest, silliest and weirdest stories from when they were younger! If you can find the picture to go with it, even better! Bonus points if you can put together an album of these hilarious memories.

Have a Movie Day or Night

You can have a movie day or night with your kids. But, this time, it is mom's turn to choose the movie and the kids get no veto power! Obviously, you wouldn't choose any movie that is too adult for the whole family to watch. But if there's some movie that you never get to see, guess what, mom gets to see it!

Get Out in Nature

On Mother's Day as a single mom, you may get sad but go outside to feel good!
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Even with all these ideas, you might be in a bummer mood on Mother's Day. That's ok. Allow yourself to feel that. When you are ready to not be in a bummer mood, get outside! Take your kids for a walk in the local forest, garden, nursery, beach, etc. Breathe the fresh air. Remind yourself that you are in a much better place than before! You got this, mama!

Happy Mother's Day!