About Me

Hi, I'm Faith!

I'm a Single Mom of a Child with Disabilities!

About Me

Welcome, fellow single moms! Especially those who have children with disabilities! Glad you're here!

First, a little about me…

Becoming a Single Mom

First of all, I never planned on being a single mom. Sure, most people don't. I did everything the way you're “supposed” to. I fell in love and got married. In 2014, I gave birth to the most adorable baby girl. Then, my marriage started unraveling. By 2016, I was divorced, with a little girl to take care of. Help!

So, I moved in with my parents so they could help me take care of my daughter. I felt like such a failure plus completely overwhelmed. You see, I grew up in religious environments, where the vast majority of people do not get divorced. I felt like an outcast.

My child is “different”…

Now, I'd always thought my child was “different”, even as an infant. But, I pushed it to the back of my mind because I was so exhausted and my marriage was awful. I thought, hey, all babies are tough, right? Then, when we got into toddlerhood, it was: All toddlers are tough, right? Next, when we got to preschool age, I had to face the music.

I'm a Single Mom of a Child with Disabilities

At some point, I started taking my very young child to therapy. Gradually, I came to accept the fact that my child is child with disabilities. This can be any disability but I am mostly focusing on mental, behavioral and learning disabilities. These children are more challenging than the typical child to raise.

We're gonna need a bigger boat…

If you get that reference, bonus points to you! Anyway, this became a huge challenge, larger than anticipated. I not only have to go through the torment of divorce, a whole life upheaval and grief galore, I have to raise a child by myself and oh yes, that child is also disabled. WTF?!!

So, I am still learning what the heck to do here. But, I have come a long way in the past few years.

Just so you know, my blog is for single moms raising exceptional children. I wanted to use my experience to help others and gain a community of other parents like me!

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