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9 Simple Things that Bring this Single Mom Joy

Single mom joy can be hard to come by, I know. That's why I created this list of little things in life that bring me joy. You might like the things on this list, you might not. The point is, come up with your own list of what simple things bring single mom joy. Then, do those things on a regular basis!

Most of these things I've added are usually done later in the day but if you want more morning joy, check out this article here!

Single Mom Joy From…Magazines?

No, I don’t mean scrolling a magazine article on your phone. I mean, real magazines. You know, the kind you find at the grocery store or drug store. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the soft pages or the fact that it’s a bunch of easy-to-read articles, usually that don’t require much brain power. But I love me some magazines! And it doesn’t have to be expensive. Most libraries have magazines. Depending on the library, you may have to look at the current months edition while at the library but can check out past months just like you would a book! Also, check thrift stores because some of them have magazines for sale for really cheap.

Local Honey

I know, this will not be everyone’s favorite, but it sure brings this single mom joy! But you can substitute whatever is your thing, like really good chocolate (ok, that’s one of my faves too) or freshly squeezed juice (also a fave). But honey that comes locally is so luscious and vibrant. If you haven’t tried it, you really should sometime! You just find a local farm with bees, and they usually sell honey. It’s also super healthy for you and will build your immune system to have local honey.

Tea for Single Mom Joy

Ok, this kinda connects to the one above because what doesn’t go better with honey than tea? Seriously, I can’t stand to have honey with just sugar, or worse, stevia (shudder). Now tea might not be everyone’s cup of tea, haha, but you can seriously consider it for when you want to relax, unwind, warm up, whatever. And there are so many varieties, you’re sure to find one that you love. Some of my fave flavors: hibiscus (sounds weird but try it), pomegranate, berry, peach, cinnamon/spice. You can do herbal teas or green tea, black tea but just know that green tea and black tea have caffeine, in case you're trying to avoid that.

Woman holds a mug of tea close to her face. Tea brings single mom joy!
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A Good Gym Gives Single Mom Joy!

So, I belong to a super fancy expensive gym. I know, brag, right? I used to never do a gym or if I did I would get the cheapest one. But you know what a super fancy expensive gym gets you? Amenities! Child care up the wazoo (seriously, ours offers 2.5 hours every day, yes every day), indoor as well as outdoor pools, waterslides, hot yoga classes, gym with basketball, rock climbing, shampoo/conditioner/body wash, lotion, more machines than you’ve ever seen, etc. Having that time at the gym to just do whatever I want while my kid is having the time of her life is so amazing for my soul, it really gives this single mom joy! I’ve debated cancelling my membership at times, due to cost, but I could never find all those things in another club so I stay! Actually, I don’t make as much use of it as I could, that reminds me, I’m gonna go to the gym!

Women in a yoga class.
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Hot Tubs!

Along with the above, get a gym that has a hot tub! Or, maybe some of you like the sauna or steam room, whichever you want, a nice gym has it all! The best part, for me, is completely unplugging while in the hot tub/steam room/sauna. I’ve seen people use their phones in there but like why? First of all, I am not that coordinated to never drop it in the hot tub! Also, this is the most fabulous time to not check in with anyone or anything. The hot tub is my time! It is sacred and I never take my phone there! I stretch or gaze off into space or close my eyes and imagine I am spaghetti! Now that's single mom joy!

Single Mom Joy from…A Great Babysitter

This one can be hard to come by, but a good babysitter is worth her weight in gold! I know, some of the good ones can be expensive but you may want to use the expensive ones occasionally. Then, find a local mom who is cool and has fun kids and she will do for more everyday purposes. But the expensive ones to me are for those days when your kid is really bored and you need to get a lot done….the really great babysitter can drive safely, has access to a car, can take the kid to play places, the park, etc. Basically, help the kid have the time of her life, so you don’t worry!

Nature Walks

This is the easiest and free one that is so often overlooked. Literally, just go outside! It will work wonders for your mood and brain. If you have your kid with you, turn it into a nature scavenger hunt and have her find so many birds, flowers, etc. You can make it more educational and find items in alphabet order: I found an angry squirrel, I found a bird, etc. (sure, use adjectives, no one is counting how many words you use). If it gets super cold where you live (raises hand) you can still go out. Just wear lots of layers and limit your time out! And don’t forget the sunscreen when it’s hot out!

A woman outside, with trees behind her. She faces up to the sunshine and closes her eyes.
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A Good Book Brings Single Mom Joy

Never underestimate a good book! This is amazing for helping you wind down after a long day! I like to read in bed, it helps me relax and get in a sleepy time mood. It definitely brings this single mom joy! Lately, I’ve been really liking Paranormal Women's Friction. This is usually women in their 30s or 40s, who are usually divorced and have kids and they suddenly discover they have magic or super powers! I mean, who wouldn’t love that at this point in your life?! It just makes me feel like a badass just reading them and does not make you feel sad that you are the age you are and in the phase you are. It makes me feel really grateful for all the strength I’ve gained and the battles that I’ve already won!

Phone Calls with Girlfriends

Girlfriends really bring single mom joy! But, going out often is really hard to do for single moms, I get that. But, I found that I still needed girl talk and laughing with my girlfriends. So, I try to do phone calls on a regular basis. Really, I’ve been meaning to put all my girls on a rotation, so I get the different perspective of different ladies and don’t just rely on one woman. I could probably do a phone call with a different lady every week for maybe two months!

Bottom Line

Figure out the little things that bring you single mom joy! You can use the items from this list, or use it to inspire your own list! It's the little things that make up our everyday lives and give us satisfaction, peace, and joy.