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7 Tips for Having a Fantastic Single Mom Christmas

A Merry Single Mom Christmas is totally possible! The holidays are quickly approaching and you might be dreading them! How can you deal with another holiday season as a single mom? How can you deal with the holidays while single? Well have no fear, Faith is here! With my ideas for single mom Christmas help! Also, there is a bonus for what to do on Christmas day as a single mom!

Start your Own Traditions for a Wonderful Single Mom Christmas

A few years ago, I was looking for something for my daughter to do in the few days before Christmas. You know, that weird time when schools are out but it's not quite Christmas, so the kid just runs around the house in a frenzy because they're bored and wired with excitement for upcoming holidays? Yeah, that time.

I searched for events happening near me that week or those days. Bingo, up popped a Grinch Lunch (a Grunch? haha) at a local restaurant. They have a banquet room attached to the restaurant and a few days before Christmas, they turn the banquet room into Christmas themed, pull down projector screens and make it a Grinch Lunch! They play the old cartoon on a regular loop, have a bunch of green foods you order and then, of course, the Grinch himself walks around saying hi to the kids and taking pictures!

The Grinch shakes hands with a girl.

Get Together with Extended Family and Friends

The holidays are a great excuse to see those friends and family you never get to see! Maybe you don't have family around but you still have friends. Maybe you have friends who are single, without kids. Invite them over too! This is a great way to celebrate a single mom Christmas!

We used to invite this one family over who were our friends and also we knew they had a lot of bad family drama, so they couldn't really be with their whole family on Christmas. So, they came over and played with my daughter!

Also, check out my friend's free Christmas Activity Planner! It helps you come up with fun activity ideas!

Still Go Do All the Holiday Stuff for a Fantastic Single Mom Christmas

Ah the holiday hoopla…parades, light shows, Santa visits, etc. They can still be fun for you and your kids, even without dad around!

We go to tons of light shows, Christmas walks (which happen in some towns and are shopping and free cookies and Santa in each town), tree lightings, and carolers events. Sometimes I go with just me and my daughter. Or, sometimes we invite the grandparents. Also, we have sometimes invited good friends whose kids like mine and I like the parents. We even run into people we know while at the event, so it makes it even more fun! This is really fun for a single mom Christmas!

Girl stands in front of lit-up Gingerbread house

Remember the Reason for the Season

You don't have to be super religious to appreciate the sentiment behind most holidays. Most holidays can be a time to be grateful, give to others, and be with family, which are all spiritual and important in their own way. This makes it a very spiritual single mom Christmas.

If you are religious, you can worship more during that time. Remember it's called a holiday because it's holy+day= holiday.

If you are feeling sentimental, this may be a good post for you about Christmas.

Be Grateful

Part of the reason for the season is being grateful. How do you do that? Start a gratitude journal. Give or serve those who are less fortunate.

Remember, above when I mentioned our friends who would usually come over on Christmas? They were our friends but they also happened to be less fortunate than us. So we would get them gifts and have a big dinner with them. This would be lots of fun, to see how much they enjoyed everything! This made it a wonderful single mom Christmas!

Love on Your Child for a Merry Single Mom Christmas

Be sure to spend lots of quality time with your child during the season! Give lots of hugs, kisses, tickles, words of praise, and laughter! These are the things that are priceless and your child really wants. yes, get them gifts they want but the other things you do really matters. Remember, your child might be struggling too during Christmas without dad. Make sure you tell them many times they are loved, everyday, but especially on holidays! Also, get them the yummy food they love and watch their favorite movies with them!

Girl is running quickly to open gifts and feel the love on this single mom Christmas!

Ok and here's your bonus info!

What to do on Christmas Day as a Single Mom?

Ok, lady, if your ex has the child, then this day is all about you! First off, you may feel sad and miss your child or miss your family unit. That's ok and perfectly normal. Allow yourself to feel this if you need to. Cry or scream if you need to….I'll wait….Did you get them tears and screams out? Good! Now you are ready for the fun part!

Here are some ideas for what to do on Christmas day as a single mom:

  • stay in your pajamas all day
  • have a movie marathon
  • make it a movie theme if you want, like Harry Potter
  • take a crazy long hot bath!
  • call a friend who doesn't have family nearby and chat on the phone
  • or invite a friend over!
  • sleep
  • eat whatever you want
  • watch that holiday movie that no one else likes
  • Need more ideas? Check out my post for simple things that bring joy!

So here are those fantastic single mom Christmas tips again, in list form:

  • Start your own traditions
  • Get together with various friends and family, if nearby
  • Still do the holiday stuff
  • Remember the Reason for the Season
  • Be grateful¬†
  • Love on your child
  • And the bonus info…what to do on Christmas Day as a single mom: whatever you want!

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